A Unique Custom Addition / Renovation in North Chattanooga and Two New Custom Homes


From North Chattanooga to Fredonia Mountain and Old Fort Tennessee, Collier Construction has been busy with many new and interesting projects, including what will be an amazing atrium built onto the back of a great 1970s home.

Fredonia Mountain Home

The Quinn residence is nearing completion. This home is unassumingly tucked into the natural wooded landscape on Fredonia Mountain.  The home's green construction features--mixed stone and Hardie cladding and sealed building envelope--compliment its beautiful surroundings. Check out a growing collection of progress pictures.

Old Fort TN

A home built on 14 acres of farm land near Cleveland TN will feature 4,000 sq ft of practical green building solutions from advanced framing to a rain screen siding system.  View more photos.




North Chattanooga

No progress photos yet, but we are excited about this atrium-like addition with ground-exposed aggregate and radiant-heat concrete floors with a second story mezzanine. We are utilizing advanced framing in the roof system.  Oh yeah, and we will be remodeling the kitchen as well.  Check back for updates.