“It has been a joy and pleasure working with Collier Construction. We are so pleased with our new front porch, new siding, and fresh paint on our house! Paul and I receive compliments daily and we 'pass on' high regards for Collier. We are certain that the beautiful work and hard labor will benefit us all!

Many thanks go to the construction workers who were so diligent in their daily labors here. I watched them with awe and I was so impressed with their attention to detail. They were each kind, as well.

May I also say that Dustin has been a dream to work with—so punctual, consistent, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable! Thank you for sharing him with us.

Blessings to you all...”
Carol and Paul Schoner
“Many thanks for the wonderful gift certificate to the best in Chattanooga! We love being able to walk to so many great places. Also want to thank you for allowing us to work with Hamilton. We are huge fans of his!”
“It’s hard to believe but we have been in our house a full year since the remodel! In a sense it seems so long ago, like the house has always been this way. The best compliment we consistently receive is that “the addition looks like it was always there”.

I wanted to let you know Lisa and I appreciate the quality work that Collier Construction performed on our home. We selected Collier based on many factors but ultimately given the complexity of the project, we felt Collier was a contractor that we could work with through the ups and downs of a long project. The Collier employees, from top to bottom, proved that we made the right decision.”
Chad Wamack
“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you personally for the SMMHS press box that Collier built/donated. As an announcer, the security provided allows us to safely store necessary PA equipment making each week's setup incredibly easier and more efficient. And it allows us to concentrate on the tasks at hand before, during and after the game as well as at halftime. Of course, it affords us a considerable amount of comfort as well with the outlets (fans/heater), lights and escape from the elements. The fact that you were able to do it "green" AND donated the time and materials is simply amazing. Thank you again for what Collier continues to do for our community!”
Dave Wagner
“Our offices look just great and I am very thankful to your team for getting the project done on time for our meetings today. All of the subs kept clean spaces, were friendly, and quiet – so it worked out just awesome. ”
“Thank you for the excellent trim work you did to make the new addition look like the rest of the old house… I appreciate your craftsmanship and attention to detail…Without exception, all have given the room, as a finished product, high praise!”
Ellen Thompson
“I can tell you that building a house from afar was a leap of faith but our faith turned out to be well-placed. We worked with Ethan Collier at the outset who introduced us to Dustin Douglass, our project superintendent. What a positive experience it was to work with Dustin who was creative, resourceful, detailed, unflappable, and patient to a fault as he shepherded us through the process.

We ended up with our dream home and, perhaps more importantly, a number of new friends. We visited Chattanooga when we could while our house was under construction and Collier/Dustin personally introduced us to some of the most wonderful people in this community—framers, trim carpenters, material suppliers, stone masons, painters, and many others who helped us know that we were making a good decision to live here.”
Jerry Stauffer
“Ethan operates his business with integrity and is committed to quality work… He has a group of employees who are great at what they do (and) are sensitive to the homeowner’s needs…"”
Jill and Jim Aplin
“I am very much enjoying my column-less living area! Thank you again for your generosity and thoughtfulness.”