Our Principles

Positive Progress

Our mission is to align ourselves with the success of our community and its inhabitants. We are committed to catalyzing positive growth for for the people and neighborhoods where we work.

Human Centered

We create communities specifically designed to foster healthy people and strong relationships. With our focus on redevelopment and green building, we keep our practices and materials healthy — because we are human centered at our core.

Community Focused

Our focus on building strong communities is apparent in every aspect of how we work — from acquisitions and development, to building relationships with artists and makers within the community, to specific design decisions, as well as our innovative community partnerships to ensure mixed-income developments. We invest in community building.

Strength of Relationships

Designing and building strong communities is what we do. An enduring currency of trust and respect is how we do it. We know that our success depends on communication, candor, and high-caliber customer service, which are seen in relationships we sustain in our own community and beyond.


Sustainability is important to us because it is critical to the health of our planet and the quality of your project. That’s why we’re building a better way for our entire industry. By using sustainable building practices that increase each project’s financial viability, we can educate clients, residents, and public sector agencies alike about the value of green construction.

Creative Urbanism

The future is together — living and working in dynamic, diverse, and inclusive communities. The more we can bring new life to forgotten spaces and choose to make our cities more walkable and livable, the more we can increase everyone’s proximity to amenities they need and deserve. This is how we create a more resilient, efficient, and durable future.


Breadth + Depth

We approach projects with breadth and depth, and go beyond the usual. Collier has grown to be a name that is both synonymous with service and for doing things a different — better — way. Whether it's in acquisition, construction, or civic engagement — collier goes above and beyond, leveraging our holistic approach and overarching commitment to quality. Maintaining the respect and trust of communities and local civic leaders is of the utmost importance to Collier and striving for that trust ensures that each of our projects can meet the needs of their evolving community.

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