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We’re inspired by the power of community.

Collier believes that building community-centric places both fosters the individuals who live in that community, and empowers the surrounding area. Our work centers on creating locations that accelerate human flourishing, progress and connection. We know that details matter. Whether it’s the orientation of kitchen windows around a communal greenspace — so that caregivers can watch their children while they create meals — or how we position an entire brownfield redevelopment: community creation is our focus. We bring the creativity of a boutique firm, but the discipline of a regional institution. Let us help you develop a better built environment.


We work at the intersection of tradition and innovation.

Whether he’s working on a single home, an entire neighborhood, or the skills of his team, Ethan has been relentlessly focused on building quality since founding Collier Construction in 2001. Collier has grown to be a name that is both synonymous with service and for doing things a different — better — way.

“For us, it’s not about building a product as much as it is about relationships and service. I think that’s unusual in construction, but for us  it’s about looking at how we can meet the needs of each project and each client. Our commitment to quality and service really sets us apart.”

This hands-on approach is evident from the beginning of every project in his company’s portfolio. He is the first person to speak with each potential client and determine the unique challenges that each project offers. Ethan works side-by-side with his staff to ensure that each step of a project is done to Collier’s standard of quality.

While Collier puts its focus on quality and service, the company remains dedicated to its principles and positive community building. Ethan believes in sustainable building and is a LEED® accredited professional builder and is licensed  to build in Tennessee and Georgia. He has previously been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Young Professional Association of Chattanooga and actively engages issues of economic development and environmental  stewardship in our community.

What's my home worth?
Ethan currently serves on the board of directors for the Home Builders Association of Southeast Tennessee and Habitat for  Humanity of Greater Chattanooga. He is a member of the Construction Management Advisory Committee for ITT Technical Institute and also  serves on the United States Green Building Council.
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Breadth + Depth

We approach projects with breadth and depth, and go beyond the usual. Collier has grown to be a name that is both synonymous with service and for doing things a different — better — way. Whether it's in acquisition, construction, or civic engagement — Collier goes above and beyond, leveraging our holistic approach and overarching commitment to quality. Maintaining the respect and trust of communities and local civic leaders is of the utmost importance to Collier and striving for that trust ensures that each of our projects can meet the needs of their evolving community.

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