Five star Service

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Anticipating the Needs of the Customer

“I know enough about Ethan to know that he is not in this for the dollar. It’s the minutia. Ethan is constantly looking ahead in the consumer’s life. Way down the line they will be glad they went with Collier. He’s made a company centered around anticipating the needs of a customer 10 years from now.”

Rick Roberts

Highest Recommendation

I give Collier my highest recommendation. I have worked with them both as a customer and as a professional. The quality of their work, commitment to the environment, and customer service are outstanding.

Christian Rushing

Ambitious Vision

With the completion of that industrial site redevelopment on Chattanooga's Southside, Collier has set his sights on a far more ambitious vision. Over the next five to six years, Collier plans to convert some of Chattanooga's oldest and biggest textile mills and nearby properties into a $160 million residential and commercial development in East Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Times Free Press
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