January 25, 2023

What do we mean by "sustainability"?

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What do we mean by "sustainability"?

Collier was an early mover in sustainable building practices, not because we were trying to make a political statement – far from it – but because we saw how much sense it made.

By using energy-efficient materials and methods, we can save homeowners a tremendous amount of money over the lifetime of a building. Being able to do so is one of the clearest advantages of new construction over older homes, the vast majority of which were simply built before any kind of environmental or energy factors were considered by architects or builders.

This process begins with analyzing where the greatest demand for energy exists within a home – typically the heating and air conditioning systems. Using materials that insulate homes more effectively, including window glazings that control temperatures, tends to reduce the amount of energy that seeps out of a house, especially during severe hot or cold seasons. Even decisions about which direction a home faces or where to place its windows will have a big impact on how difficult it is to heat and cool.

The most energy-smart way we can build is to fill in a neighborhood or commercial district where there is already a critical mass of people and traffic. Where demand is high, buildings can be smaller and be economically viable, and residents and customers can reach them without excessive use of their cars. Better for everyone’s pocketbook - and everyone’s planet. Owning and living in a home where a disproportionate amount of your income doesn’t flow out the window is what we consider real sustainability. 

Ironically, many techniques that defined us as cutting-edge innovators in the mid-2000s have now gone mainstream. What may have seemed unorthodox with regard to energy efficiency or “green building” as recently as 10 or 15 years ago is now considered routine when an architect and developer are coming up with their plans for a new building. The experience we’ve gained in that time still makes us a market leader, and we are proud of how our work has helped our industry grow in this way. We take even more pride in knowing that our work continues to save residents energy and money. 

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