Project Manager

Michael Murtaugh


Michael has been actively involved in the construction industry for the past 2 decades. Most of his professional career has been in residential new home construction management, with a few years spent in home remodeling. He is passionate about the new home construction and development industry. He thrives on seeing a vision come to reality. 

"I love to take a project from conception to completion. The process of bringing local trades, suppliers, designers, municipalities and more together for one common goal is amazing!" 

He is happily married and a father of four who has put roots down in the Chattanooga area. They have lived in Chattanooga for the past 8 years and call Chattanooga their  home. When Michael is not working, he is enjoying a ride on his motorcycle, camping, or enjoying sports with his children. 

"I could not imagine pursuing my career goals and building anywhere else. It is a pleasure to be a part of the Collier team and family."

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